In Loving Memory Of What Could Have Been

by The Homeless

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The Homeless - In Loving Memory Of What Could Have Been LP
100 on Blue&White swirl vinyl
200 on Transparent Yellow


released July 14, 2013

Recorded Februari 2013 at The Ranch Production House.
Produced & mastered by Neil Kennedy.
Artwork by Laurien at Mathilde Studios.

Released by Flood Hardcore.



all rights reserved


Flood Records Belgium

Flood Records is an independent Belgian based emo and screamo label, founded in 2012.

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Track Name: Like Father, Like Son
I can hardly imagine how hard it must be,
to be the father he once used to be,
holding a shelter above our family
providing us with all the things we need.
And I respect him for all the things he did for me,
but then the liquor started flowing.
He started showing emotions.
I couldn't recognize the man he had become.
This wasn't the man he tried to be
He fell down on his knees, started drinking too much.
He never came home, but neither did we.
Another night at the bar, drinking away the slightest memory of our family, or what we used to be.
He lost it all in that very moment, ‘cause all he knew had come to an end.
He wrote me a letter ‘cause somebody told him that writing it down would heal the wound.
I guess writing it down didn't help that much, ‘cause the scars remain and I still feel the pain.
I still remember the promise you made to me.
You said you'd be there for me with every step I take, but guess what you were not and you will never be.
And I'm walking alone to the bar where you lost me.
Alone ...
Track Name: Room 187
They’ve cleared your mind
They’ve made you go blind
If you let your heart lead your eyes
You will see through their lies
When nightmares have stolen our daylight, as time passes by
The only thing you will wish for is you’d never said goodbye
Don’t forget a second from those moments we have shared
‘cause you’ll never feel such passion again and now I am so scared
That one day you’ll return, hoping you were missed
And you’ll only hear the silence of that hole left in my chest
Track Name: Just One Second And A Helping Hand
We’ve all become hopeless romantics
in a world with no poetry.
While bridges left burning
we’ve set ourselves on fire.
No one’s moving forward.
Please save us from ourselves.
There’s no option joining them.
Stuck in the middle, where sinners dwell.
War in our minds can be the only exception.
think, talk, question, act!
Hands tied, this worlds is choking me.
Walking in circles, the buttons on repeat.
No more home, no more pain.
We’re sinking in failure.
No more home, no more pain.
We’re singing our last songs of hope in vain.
Track Name: Your Turn, I've Failed
You can follow the path with that light at the end of the road
Far behind all those trees and over those mountains you'll find that place they call home
Infinite I can swim upstream these rivers below
But in the end is it still worth it if it's always only for you
And in my dreams I always try
But in reality I let chances pass me by
It should be time to dream myself awake
And live for better days
But I can't, I never could.
It's all growing deeper.
It's welling up inside me.
All 'cause I'm that coward
If she doesn't care anymore,
then let me die here in my sleep.
If she had never ever cared that much,
just let me die here in my sleep.
If she's not near,
please let me die here,
please let me die here in my ...
Track Name: An Empty House
The sun is down, the ache is up.
I can’t defend myself against this feeling.
I make up all those stories of you being with
someone else, somewhere else,
someone else, somewhere else …
You left me faithless, broken apart.
I had a mind but I choose the heart.
I followed my heart
I told myself a thousand times:
It’s useless to always rage.
But I told myself a million times:
It's up to me to make a change
To love, to cherish forever
You were not there
To love, to cherish forever
You have failed my dear
Track Name: I Still Believe
You're slipping away, away from me.
And the harder I try to keep you close,
the further you seem to slip away.
And now that I need you the most...
You're anywhere but here with me.
I miss the old days when we were holding hands.
Back in those days I've felt what love's all about.
We were both so young and careless.
The world was ours, we felt the same,
But things have come to change.
We drifted apart.
I've lost track of the things that held us close for so long
And though sometimes it's hard.
I just want you to know:
“I still believe you're the one,
I still believe it's you,
I still believe in us,
I still love you”
And if by chance you're willing to start all over again.
I'll make it up to you, I swear, I'll set things right,
‘cause in the end all that matters is the smile on your face, that look in your eyes.
Your hand in mine as we walk away from here, away from me.
Track Name: Narrow Heart
I am trying to let you go.
Find myself a new home.
I am trying to let you leave,
And this is for how we feel.
For the rest of my days I’ll live in sin.
In loving memory of what could have been …
Track Name: In Loving Memory Of What It Could Have Been
I’m counting the memories, if there is any regret.
Searching for harmony in the tears I have shed.
But there is no melody, only complexity.
I always stayed in this city, searching for simplicity.
I once knew the notes here, I’ve played them over and over.
But now I’m seven years older.
Stop the conductor. The timing is wrong.
The notes are getting darker and this takes too long.
And when he finally listened it was already over.
I threw it away, all I was born for.
I threw away my best songs
7 years maybe longer.
I’ve strangled myself
in the arms of the stronger.
And now I’m counting the dreams.
I still know the feeling of your arms wrapped around me.
It was so appealing, but it didn’t fend off the ghosts, who were chasing me.
And they caught me at the point where you left me.
I was wrong, It was always me.
Who was destructively hiding for inner peace.
I’m still searching for the harmony,
that one tune that reflects my hope …
I threw away my best songs