by The Cold Harbour



released August 17, 2013

7" Release through Don't Shoot The Messenger (UK) + Flood Floorshows (EU).

Cassette Tape release via Shivery Productions (EU).

Released digitally and physically worldwide through Dream Atlantic Records.



all rights reserved


Flood Records Belgium

Flood Records is an independent Belgian based emo and screamo label, founded in 2012.

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Track Name: Old Soul
The bitterness of seeing a young man’s smile
In this journey of life,
I feel I have traveled for miles and miles.

There is no one here I can call true friends
Trapped inside this feeling of isolation.
The rain fell hard on the wilting flower.
Old Soul.

The dark cloud that hangs above
Hiding the shining sun, whose virtue
Once shed romantic lights of love.
Grieving over this shallow world
The end will be my beginning.

Through the passion and sacrifice of my hard life
Pray for us sinners now at the hour of death
Pray for us sinners
Does it matter if I have right or wronged
My short years feel so prolonged.
It been a long time coming, I’ve lost control.
The heavy burden of an old soul.
Track Name: Willow Shade
Rejoice in the sound of the leaves falling
Awoken to the sound of autumn calling
There is no love lost between my heart and mind
With growing courage to leave everything behind.
The coming of foresight with time
Changing balance of light to shine
If you can forget all the fears of life
One day things will be alright.

I feel like i am losing all feeling
And my heart will never stop beating
I've never been more content with knowing
Letting go is what makes life worth living.

My days around you i behold
Makes time stand still
And to think to times of old.
The remnants of the burning mill.

We all come from nothing, and will return to it
Just one small part of this earth
Endless sorrow ever since my birth

As the willow shade hangs over me.
Nothing left i can bare to see
One look to my grave and i wish to be free.
Watch the willow shade hang over me
Track Name: Seasons
I'm lost behind,
The words I can't find.
I'm left behind,
As the seasons roll on by.

I wandered lonely as a cloud.
Waiting for time to stop.
The birds have almost sung there last.
Too much time to think about the past.

I'm lost behind,
The words I can't find.
I'm left behind,
As the seasons roll on by.

I stood in the sun as it beamed.
as i had always dreamed.
the moon may hide the night.
i knew it could never be.

I hope the seasons treat you well.
This is my final farewell.