Sunlit World


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released February 23, 2013



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Flood Records Belgium

Flood Records is an independent Belgian based emo and screamo label, founded in 2012.

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Track Name: The Morning Speaks
Stop thinking
I always knew mistakes from my past would follow me
But this is new, that mistakes from your past haunt me too
Everything is history and history is merciless
Oh how I want to end these darkened voices
I look forward to the moment I know I feel
Whether these voices are good or bad
When thinking and feeling becomes one
I want to feel my brains and my stomach
Going the same way, going down the inner river
I hope I can touch these shores once again, one more time
Track Name: There's Fog In My Head
I’m sleeping on the ground with chaos, most of the time I can’t sleep
But when I do, nightmares surround me
There are reasons, why I’m afraid to fall asleep
The clouds have returned in my head
A haze which troubles everything
I’m tired as hell
Waiting for light in my head, before light hits the day
There’s fog in my head
The clouds have returned in my head
A haze which troubles everything
I need someone to save me
I need something to save me
What’s left for me in silence, when silence only tricks me into the debts of my mind
Track Name: Outer Darkness In A Sunlit World
Once again, sitting with my eyes in my palms
Once again, sitting with my eyes in my godforsaken palms
Track Name: No More Eclipse
So many years of insecurity are coming above, are showing themselves
My lips burn, my words drown
Standing on an island of my own deception
While waves of self-loathing crash on sands of self-doubt
Feeling so self-destructive
I would pray for the sun to turn back, but I won’t pray for nothing, not even the sun
Self-doubt and self-loathing
Track Name: This Is The Evening Talking
I fell in love with a fucking painting
Beautiful eyes on marvelous wood
Just waiting for these eyes to look back
Time rolled and did nothing
Just staring eyes on rotten wood
I should’ve started loving myself
But I love these staring eyes on rotten wood
Ending by realizing: “This is it”
For the queen you’ve never had
The only thing I regret
Is that I’ll never forget
It’s such a fucking mess
The beating callous in my chest
This is the end
The end